We believe

that humans have super powers – especially when it comes to sales. 

Such as the ability to build empathy and trust within minutes or over multiple conversations with a potential customer. Or the ability to listen and be naturally inquisitive in order to drive a conversation such as a high emotional intelligence in order to react fast and adequate.

Nevertheless, sales representatives are facing certain complex descriptive and predictive analytical tasks as for example defining the best individual offer during a short customer interaction. The growing complexity of available customer and transaction data is not manageable for humans. 

This complexity is transforming their jobs into extremely labor intensive and time consuming tasks keeping sales representatives away from their real mission – building trust with their customers and creating value by selling products and services.

We founded UPCUE with the clear mission to enable the collaboration of humans and artificial intelligence in the enterprise.

Alexander, Moritz and Rami - UPCUE Founders


Alexander Franke, Founder of botconnect GmbH and UPCUE

Alexander Franke


Moritz Strube


Rami Akkad