Why you should UPCUE your business

UPCUE helps to place great offers towards existing customers at every touchpoint.

Affected by the steep rise of data the complexity of business operations in medium and large enterprises is increasing exponentially. Forrester reports 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action due to the lack of solutions to drive business outcomes from their data.

Acquiring new customers is 5x more expensive than retaining existing ones, increasing customer retention by 25% to 95%.

The problem we solve: lost revenue as a result of poor sales conversions.

Fast decision making or creating individual value for customers has become complicated due to multiple, complex systems, interfaces and large amounts of data in enterprises.

Benefits and Features

  • Provide a Next Best Action to your customer that creates value in every interaction.
  • Reducing the time to define and deliver the next best offer for every individual customer from 5min-60min to under 10seconds. Improvement = 30x.
  • Reducing the time investment for employees to learn how to utilize the new solution to define a next best offer or action for a customer from 1day-5 days to 1h. Improvement = 24x.
  • Identifies and provides the next best offer instantly – all interactions with a customer that last more than 30 seconds can be used to create value for the customer.
  • Collaborative filtering combined with deep learning neural networks that improves with a large and growing amount of data.
  • A Chatbot/CUI between AI and human –communication can be performed in a very natural way via chat or voice.

Take your Salesteam
to the Next level

Just schedule a meeting with us and we will show you how we can UPCUE your business success together. Of course, we will also answer all your questions – promised.